news | Monday January 15, 2024

Leanne Dunic in Orion Magazine

Orion Magazine put out an interview with multidisciplinary artist Leanne Dunic focusing on her latest series of photographs for the series Tell Me How You Love: Dialogues on New Romance in New Climates.

Dunic digs into her creative philosophy, saying: “Lately I’ve been thinking about the idea of an aquarium—if that’s a truth or fiction. Because these are real fish living in their curated life, but is it a real representation of the ocean?

In the same way, every photograph is a curation. We don’t have the context outside of the snapshot.

The word “fiction” derives from the Latin fictiōn, “a shaping” or “molded.” In both my writing and photography, I’m definitely shaping and molding reality.”

Dunic’s new poetry collection Wet is forthcoming this spring. Watch this space for further details.

Read the complete article and view Dunic’s photos here.