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May 2016

Saturday May 7, 2016
Jordan Abel and Lee Maracle read at UBC Bookstore

June 2016

Wednesday June 15, 2016
Jónína Kirton at the Canadian Creative Writers Summit

July 2016

Thursday July 14, 2016
Denman Island Readers and Writers Festival 2016​

November 2016

Wednesday November 9, 2016
Play: “Mom’s the Word” in Winnipeg

May 2017

Thursday May 4, 2017
Play: “Only Drunks and Children Tell the Truth” in Kamloops, BC
Monday May 2, 2016 in News
Take a ride on the ferry boat, and pick up a great book!

We are pleased to share the news that our latest novel, Mend the Living, is now available in gift shops aboard BC Ferries!

Mend the Living, written by French author Maylis de Kerangal and translated into English by Canadian translator Jessica Moore, is the perfectly paced, intimate novel of a heart transplant and everyone affected by it.

Friday April 29, 2016 in News
Tomorrow: Authors for Indies Day across Canada!

On Authors for Indies Day (April 30 this year), Canadian authors show their appreciation for independent bookstores (indies) by volunteering as guest booksellers. Tomorrow, Authors for Indies strikes again! Authors will be at bookstores near you, chatting with customers, recommending books, and helping everyone appreciate the importance of indie bookstores to our communities and our cultural lives.

Four Talon authors (that we know of) will be out and about in Western Canada.

Wednesday April 27, 2016 in News
Photos from our big launch last night

Launch guests and authors mingle, chat, and partake of wine and cheese

Last evening Talonbooks held its big Spring 2016 poetry launch in downtown Vancouver. The Vancouver School of Music’s Pyatt Hall made for a classy venue – and it was a full house, with about 100 people in attendance!

See photos from readings by Carl Peters, Clint Burnham, Jordan Abel, Weyman Chan, and bill bissett.

Tuesday April 26, 2016 in News
Two quadruple book launches this week!

Tonight in Vancouver, and Thursday night in Calgary, we launch five new books!

Jordan Abel, bill bissett, Clint Burnham, and Weyman Chan will be at both launches, reading from their respective new books, Injun, th book, Pound @ Guantánamo, and Human Tissue. In Vancouver, Carl Peters will also launch Studies in Description.

Thursday April 21, 2016 in News
Annotating Gertrude Stein, a century later

A century after the original publication of Gertrude Stein’s groundbreaking text, Tender Buttons, Dr. Carl Peters offers a sustained reading of the 1914 edition. In his annotations, Peters responds to the eccentric sounds and rhythms of Stein’s long prose-poem, bringing understanding, in particular, to the composition’s syntax, which is noted for its defiance of conventional norms. Peters demonstrates the ways in which Stein’s thought questions everything, underlining reasons that her work has long served as the wellspring for generations of experimental writers.

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Dr. Peters’s much-anticipated work, Studies in Description: Reading Gertrude Stein’s Tender Buttons!

Monday April 18, 2016 in News
This week! Weyman Chan at the Edmonton Poetry Festival

This Wednesday, April 20, Talon poet Weyman Chan will be at the Edmonton Poetry Festival! He’s a headliner, and will appear in two events, reading from his new collection of poetry, Human Tissue.

Brown Bag Lunch: The Science-Poetry Sandwich
Wednesday, April 20, 2016
12–1 PM
Arts and Convocation Hall Student Lounge

Poetry Becomes Molecular
Wednesday, April 20, 2016
8–9:30 PM
Latitude 53

Visit the Edmonton Poetry Festival website for more information.

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Friday April 15, 2016 in News
Now available: “the best script Morris Panych has ever written”

Sextet has arrived!

This new dark and steamy comedy from Morris Panych explores the harmonies and dysfunctions of six sexually entangled musicians on an ill-fated winter tour. When a blizzard strands this sextet for an extra night, they have only their instruments, each other, and their secrets to keep them warm.

Richard Ouzounian, longtime reviewer of Canadian theatre, called Sextet “the best script Morris Panych has ever written”! The Globe and Mail likened the play to “a standard sex-farce set on fertility drugs,” and the Toronto Star published an appreciative word about the play’s balance of humour and poignancy: “Sextet is not just a wonderfully entertaining piece of theatre, it will make you think about love, sex, procreation, and music in ways you’ve never done before.”

Order your copy today for $18.95!

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Thursday April 14, 2016 in News
Photos from the 2nd annual BC Book Day at the British Columbia Legislature

Yesterday was BC Book Day at the British Columbia Legislature in Victoria, BC. Publishers, Members of the Legislative Assembly, and Members of Parliament gathered in the Legislature Rotunda. Talonbooks was proud to be there!

Wednesday April 13, 2016 in News
Our final Spring 2016 poetry title is here – Human Tissue!

These poems try to get along with each other – but can’t. A recurring motif throughout Human Tissue is the overarching empty universal space surrounding life’s not-knowing. If we think too hard on it – why the statistical fluke that puts us here on this ball of dirt – we’ll have a stroke. Instead, read these poems.

Or listen to Chan reading them! He will be at the Edmonton Poetry Festival (April 20) before reading at Talon’s two big spring launches in Vancouver (April 26) and Calgary (April 28).

Friday April 8, 2016 in News
Clint Burnham’s first Talon book!

Our latest arrival is Pound @ Guantánamo, a collection of poetry by Clint Burnham. Widely published as a critical theorist, poet, and author of books on digital culture, this is the first of his books to have been published by Talon, and we are pleased he has joined our list.

Burnham will read from this new book at two launches in Vancouver and Calgary. In the meantime, order your copy today!

Thursday April 28, 2016 in Meta-Talon

National Poetry Month: An Interview with Carl Peters

For National Poetry Month on Meta-Talon, Talon editor Shazia Hafiz Ramji talks with Carl Peters about Studies in Description, Gertrude Stein, the practice of close reading, interdisciplinary influence, Birdman, and Marcel Duchamp.

Thursday April 21, 2016 in Meta-Talon

YOLO: Two poems from Human Tissue by Weyman Chan

Weyman Chan’s fifth collection takes poetry to the laboratory, splicing a layered, tactile network that is Human Tissue. Chan shows us how we come to settle with histories of uncertain beginnings, the presence of science and technology in the mediated body, and how we forge “not knowing” as a vibrant way of being. On Meta-Talon today, read two poems from Human Tissue.

Tuesday April 12, 2016 in Meta-Talon

Alain Deneault on Panama – and Canada

The Panama Papers, a trove of more than 11.5 million documents from law firm Mossack Fonseca, detail the offshore holdings of 12 current and former world leaders, billionaires, and celebrities. The documents show how wealthy public officials use legal loopholes – as well as illegal means – to hide their money.

Canada is not above blame. Not only does Canada offer one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the world, but a number of loopholes encourage companies to relocate to Canada as if it were Barbados or Bermuda. Canada, A New Tax Haven, the latest book by tax policy analyst Alain Deneault, is an attempt to analyze the situation and address its implications for Canadians.

Thursday April 7, 2016 in Meta-Talon

National Poetry Month: An Interview with Garry Thomas Morse

For National Poetry Month on Meta-Talon, Talon editor Shazia Hafiz Ramji talked with Garry Thomas Morse about writing as resistance, typography in poetry, and prairie poetry. Of course, Morse’s responses mention Mahler’s Fifth Symphony, Charles Olson, Smaro Kamboureli, Annie Le Brun, and Lars von Trier!

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Clint Burnham

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Price Paid

Bev Sellars

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Running on Fumes

Christian Guay-Poliquin
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Fred Wah
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Morris Panych

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Studies in Description

Carl Peters

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th book

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Annabel Soutar

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We the Family

George F. Walker
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