news | Thursday March 28, 2024

Do you mind if I sit here? Has Arrived!

Hot off the press! The innovative new multimedia play from James Long and Marcus Youssef has arrived at Talonbooks! Do you mind if I sit here? is set in Vancouver thirty years from now. Three social planners visit Vancouver’s Russian Hall, long abandoned due to earthquakes and flooding, with a seemingly straightforward task: repurpose the hall for common use. But the trio soon discover the project won’t be an easy fix. An eccentric squatter, armed with a trove of Soviet industrial films on 16 mm stock, has made the damaged hall their home … and they’re not leaving.

An excerpt from Do you mind if I sit here?:



This is a scarce time.

For all of us.
It is important for us to say it. To be allowed to say it. …
Because of –
the weather.


A low sound enters the space.

They stop and listen to it before continuing. This

does not just function as an underscore but also

as an event and foreshadow of the same sound

that comes at the end of act one as a much more

substantial sound event.

And the consequences.”

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