news | Saturday March 9, 2024

Elaine Ávila Interviewed in BC BookLook

There’s a detailed interview with Elaine Ávila about her latest plays, The Ballad of Ginger Goodwin & Kitimat in BC BookLook.

From the interview: “BCBookLook: How did you first discover Ginger Goodwin? What about his life attracted you to write a play about him?

Elaine Ávila: I learned about Ginger Goodwin in the Cumberland Museum and Archives. They had a display, featuring Goodwin’s fly-fishing rod and tackle. It detailed his assassination, which led to Vancouver’s first general strike, Canada’s first general strike, and to Canadians getting the 8-hour day. People came from as far away as Chile to lay wreaths on Goodwin’s grave, yet few Canadians have heard of him. Goodwin’s fishing gear was such an intimate object, showing his love of life, poignant against the massive historical struggles which led to his death.”

Read the complete interview here.