news | Wednesday October 18, 2023

M.A.C. Farrant Interviewed in BC BookLook

We are delighted to see the fabulous M.A.C. Farrant interviewed about her whimsical and poignant new collection of micro-essays, Jigsaw for BC BookLook. Farrant talks metaphor, cows, and of course, puzzles.

From the interview:

BCBW: How long did it take you to recognize the metaphor for art in jigsaw puzzles?

MF: This happened pretty quickly, after my initial research into the history of jigsaws, that is, and coming upon some astounding facts such as, the global dollar value of jigsaw sales in 2019 was 687.2 billion and that in North America seven jigsaw puzzles are sold every minute. Every minute! The jigsaw puzzle industry is an enormous one. What, I began wondering, is going on?

Jigsaws as metaphors, speak to our continual efforts to solve the miraculous puzzle of our own lives and in attending to the questions these puzzles pose. For example, The Puzzle of Good and Evil, Of Staying Sane, Of Discord, Of Love, Of Raising Children, Of Beauty, Of Why Are We Here? Of What Happens Next? These puzzles are endless!

Read the complete exchange here.

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