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news | Monday March 2, 2020

Our Spring 2020 Catalogue is now available!

Our Spring 2020 catalogue, featuring new books from Frédérick Lavoie and Donald Winkler, Sophie Bienvenu and Rhonda Mullins, Larry Tremblay and Sheila Fischman, Gladys Hindmarch, Mercedes Eng, Margaret Christakos, Arleen Paré, Laiwan, Dave Deveau, Marie Clements, and more, has arrived!

Talonbooks Spring 2020 Catalogue PDF

These books can all now be purchased in Canada through our new distributor, University of Toronto Press Distribution. Click here for Talon’s full sales and distribution information.

news | Friday March 27, 2020

An excerpt from Deni Ellis Béchard's My Favourite Crime

Deni Ellis Béchard is the author of Vandal Love (Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for Best First Book); Of Bonobos and Men (Grand Prize winner of the Nautilus Book Award for investigative journalism); and Into the Sun (Midwest Book Award for literary fiction, selected by CBC Radio Canada as one of 2017’s Incontournables and one of the most important books of the year to be read by Canada’s political leaders).

His new non-fiction collection, My Favourite Crime, ranges across the world and over a wide array of contemporary issues. Divided into five sections, all united by a recurring consideration of how writing helps transform our understanding of our family, of ourselves, and of the world, the book addresses a range of disparate topics, including the author’s tumultuous relationship with his father, and the temptation to lapse back into crime when one has been raised with it.

Today, we are sharing the collection’s titular essay, “My Favourite Crime.”

My Favourite Crime

There’s a story my father often told me. I imagine most boys hear stories from their fathers, but not this sort. It was about a bank heist in 1967, the burglary of half a million dollars in West Hollywood. He called it the Big Job, an elaborate crime he’d started plotting when he was first incarcerated. Prison, he liked to say, turned him into a professional. He went in a petty crook and left wanting to do the Big Job, not unlike the way I went to college to study writing and left dreaming of the great American novel.

news | Wednesday March 25, 2020

An excerpt from Mercedes Eng's new book, my yt mama

We are so pleased that BC and Yukon Book Prize–winner Mercedes Eng’s new book, my yt mama, has arrived in-house. my yt mama is a collection of poems that considers historic and contemporary colonial violence in the Canadian prairies, a settler geography and state of mind that irrevocably shaped Eng’s understanding of race as person of colour born and raised in Treaty 7 Territory in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

In a recent paper edition of the Globe and Mail, the Paper Hound bookstore recommended my yt mama, writing, “[h]er books Mercenary English and Prison Industrial Complex Explodes are sharply observed and incredibly poignant/personal long poems; her latest title my yt mama just came out and is, predictably, quite brilliant.” If you’re in Vancouver, call the Paper Hound at 604-428-1344 to order your copy; if you’re outside of Vancouver, order at talonbooks.com/books/my-yt-mama.

Here, we are sharing a three-poem sequence from my yt mama.

news | Wednesday March 25, 2020

An excerpt from Larry Tremblay's new book, Impurity, translated by Sheila Fischman

A playful and macabre narrative tour de force, structured like a matryoshka doll, Impurity weaves a complex web of interlocking narratives in multiple voices and a variety of forms. The bestselling author Alice Livingston is dead, leaving her philosopher husband, Antoine, dealing with a legacy towards which he has felt increasingly estranged. Confronted with his wife’s much reported disappearance, Antoine revisits their past relationship: open and liberated on the outside, but constrained and even deviant on the inside.

We are happy to share the excerpt, below, from Larry Tremblay’s new novel, Impurity, translated by Sheila Fischman.

Why does he work himself into such a state? Antoine waits nervously for the journalist’s arrival. He has vacuumed the living room and cleared up the dirty dishes in the kitchen. Claire Langlois arrives on time. He figures that she’s at most twenty-five. He shows her into the living room, offers coffee. She comments on the paintings on the walls. Finds them interesting. Whenever someone describes something as interesting he forms two conflicting hypotheses: either the thing in question is worthless or the person who drops the hollow remark knows nothing about the thing in question. Antoine grows tense. Still, he can’t help commenting on the young woman’s dress. Elegant. He’s just paid her a compliment. The journalist tackles the first question:

news | Tuesday March 24, 2020

An excerpt from Laiwan's new book, TENDER

Today, we’re excerpting “she who had scanned the flower of the world,” a poem from Laiwan’s TENDER, which just arrived in-house at Talon.

Pick up your copy of TENDER today!

a celebration of spring, the coming of light and longer days. a metaphor for a working psychic ecology. towards a sensual economy and its embodiment

in winter
we learn to name the oppressor and the name becomes oppressive
this is the logic of repression

she who had scanned the flower of the world

news | Monday March 23, 2020

Oana Avasilichioaei performs Operator, from Eight Track

Today, we are sharing a video performance of Oana Avasilichioaei’s “Operator,” from Eight Track.

Operator is a multimedia performance. The concept, text, images, and sound are by Oana Avasilichioaei, and the VFX and video editing are by Jessie Altura.

Operator explores the subject position(s) of military drone operators engaged in the act of tracking, identifying, and ultimately destroying. The performance deals with violence and may not be suitable for all audiences.

Pick up your copy of Eight Track today.

news | Thursday March 19, 2020

Margaret Christakos's charger has arrived!

Cover of charger

We are so pleased that Margaret Christakos’s charger has arrived in-house!

A moving new collection from award-winning poet, novelist, critic, and creative-writing instructor Margaret Christakos, charger considers our plugged-in selves, and the technologies that deliver us to each other.

The book is particularly relevant as we practice physically distancing while socially connecting online!

Pick up your copy of charger today!

news | Thursday March 19, 2020

Christian Guay-Poliquin speaks with Seven Days Vermont

Christian Guay-Poliquin speaks with Seven Days Vermont about his about his (thematically relevant) post-apolocalyptic novel, The Weight of Snow.

If a post-apocalyptic novel piques your current interest, you can order online from talonbooks.com/books/the-weight-of-snow, or through Massy Books or Munro’s Books!

news | Tuesday March 17, 2020

A bit of good news: I Saw Three Ships adds a new bestseller list!

I Saw Three Ships being held in front of the Fraser River.

Most of Talonbooks’ staffers are now working from home, as the world is a little bit strange at the moment!

But we are happy to share yet another good piece of news about Bill Richardson’s I Saw Three Ships with you. In addition to being nominated, last week, for The BC and Yukon Book Prizes’ Bill Duthie Booksellers’ Choice Award, I Saw Three Ships is celebrating its eleventh consecutive week on the BC Bestseller list!

And, as of this week, I Saw Three Ships is now on the Alberta Fiction Bestseller list!

Our hearty congratulations to Bill!

news | Monday March 16, 2020

Talonbooks' Spring 2020 Launch: Postponed

Our Spring 2020 launch, which was to take place on April 2 at Pyatt Hall in Vancouver, featuring Cecily Nicholson hosting, and Arleen Paré, Gladys Hindmarch, Margaret Christakos, Laiwan, and Mercedes Eng reading from their new books, has been postponed.

We will be rescheduling. In the meantime, please follow the links below to order the books of our wonderful, talented Spring authors.

Arleen Paré: Earle Street.

Gladys Hindmarch: Wanting Everything.

Margaret Christakos: Charger.

Laiwan: TENDER.

Mercedes Eng: my yt mama.

news | Friday March 13, 2020

Update on upcoming Talon events and author events

Many of the events that Talon authors have been scheduled to participate in are being either postponed or cancelled. We will be regularly updating our events page. As well, we are taking a wait and see approach about our April 2 Spring launch.

We are so proud of our Spring 2020 season books, and our Talon authors – but it is important to prioritize community health and well-being.

Please consider supporting our authors by using our website to order books you’d been planning to pick up at events.

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