news | Wednesday April 24, 2024

Rob Taylor and Leanne Dunic in Discussion

Rob Taylor interviewed Leanne Dunic about her new poetry collection Wet for Read Local BC. The pair talk about hybrid forms, life in Singapore, and connection to nature, place, and people.

An excerpt from their discussion: “RT: What does working in these other art forms contribute to your books?

LD: When it comes to making art, I like to think of the idea of cross-training. Cross-training refers to using various modes of exercises outside of a central activity so that other muscles in the body are engaged and balanced in strength. For me, cross-training is key to my practice and involves me working in one discipline in order to keep my senses sharp in another. In other words, cross-training keeps my artistic muscles healthy and happy. Working on one project will teach me skills that I can then go back and apply to a previous and/or future project. This keeps things interesting for me; I’m rarely bored artistically.”

Check out their full discussion here.