• Jan 23 – Jan 24


    Mercedes Eng Reads at Incite in Vancouver

    Mercedes Eng will read with Elee Kraljii Gardiner, Jules Koostachin, mitcholos touchie at the first Incite of 2019. Incite is presented by the Vancouver Writers Fest in conjunction with the Vancouver Public Library. More information and registration available here.

    Wednesday, January 23
    7:30 p.m.
    Alice MacKay Room
    Vancouver Public Library
    350 W. Georgia Street
    Vancouver, BC

  • Jan 30 – Feb 17


    Play: "Crees in the Caribbean" in Hamilton, ON

    Crees in the Caribbean is a heart-warming comedy from one of Canada’s leading First Nations playwrights and humourists.

    The play follows two middle-aged First Nations seniors, Evie and Cecil, on their very first trip out of the country. The couple’s children have sent them on a second honeymoon to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary. Cecil is sure that everyone is being nice to him because he is dying. If he doesn’t get over it, Evie just might kill him herself. A story of two imperfect people who are perfect together, and an unlikely friendship that takes them back to their own younger days. More information here.

    January 30th–February 16th, 2019
    Theatre Aquarius
    190 King William Street
    Hamilton, Ontario

  • Feb 05 – Feb 25


    Play: “Cottagers and Indians” in Toronto

    Cottagers and Indians takes a sincere and pragmatic look at the current conflicts between First Nations traditional water usage and property owners in cottage country who are looking to enjoy an undisturbed summer getaway. Written by Drew Hayden Taylor, an award-winning playwright, journalist, novelist and filmmaker, Cottagers and Indians had a successful debut at Tarragon Theatre in 2017. More info here.

    February 5 to 24, 2019
    at the Tarragon Theatre
    30 Bridgman Ave
    Toronto, ON

    “A deft touch for mixing comedy and commentary in an entertaining all-Canada form of social satire.“—Vancouver Sun

  • Feb 07 – Feb 09


    Adeena Karasick in Kolkata

    Launch of Bridgeable Lines: An Anthology of Borderless World Poetry in Bengali, (featuring the translation of Salomé: Woman of Valour into Bengali.)

    Thursday, February 7, 2019
    6 p.m.
    Press Corner
    Kolkata International Bookfair
    Central Park Mela Ground
    Salt Lake, Kolkata, India

    Salomé a capella at Kolkata Book Fair

    Friday, February 8, 2019
    6 p.m.
    Kolkata International Bookfair,
    Kolkata International Bookfair
    Central Park Mela Ground
    Salt Lake, Kolkata, India

  • Feb 07 – Mar 10


    Play: "The Shoplifters" in Vancouver

    Morris Panych’s The Shoplifters stars Alma, a seasoned career shoplifter who prefers the five-finger discount over some lousy seniors’ day deal. But it’s not just an empty wallet that leads Alma to a life of petty crime – it’s also her strong convictions about social justice and economic equality. More information here.

    February 7 to March 9, 2019
    Granville Island Stage
    Arts Club Theatre
    1585 Johnston Street
    Vancouver, BC

  • Feb 08 – Feb 24


    Play: “Amigo's Blue Guitar” in Cranbrook, BC

    In Amigo’s Blue Guitar, a college student’s life is given meaning when he chooses to sponsor Elias, a Salvadoran refugee, as a class project. When Elias arrives, his hosts Sander and his family learn what it means and feels to be a refugee and how to relate to someone who has endured such intense personal grief. The warmth and humour of the characters invite us to embrace the situation—be at once moved and threatened by it—and to consider how we ourselves would react. More info here.

    February 8 to 23, 2019
    at the Cranbrook Community Theatre
    11–11th Avenue South
    Cranbrook, BC

  • Feb 09 – Feb 09


    Tiziana La Melia reads at 'The Poets Have Always Preceded' exhibit in North Vancouver, BC

    the poets have always preceded
    art and poetry in Vancouver, 1960 – present

    January 26, 2019 – April 27, 2019

    Opening Reception, January 25, 7-9 pm

    Tour with Guest Curator Lee Plested, Saturday, January 26, 1 pm

    Tiziana Le Melia will read February 9th, 2019

    Marian Penner Bancroft, bill bissett, Robin Blaser, Judy Chartrand, Jess, Judith Copithorne, Pierre Coupey, Christos Dikeakos, Stan Douglas, Beau Dick, Geoffrey Farmer, Fran Herndon, Carole Itter, Roy Kiyooka, Tiziana La Melia, Al Neil, Judy Radul, Rhoda Rosenfeld, Trudy Rubenfeld, Nancy Shaw with many more.

    This exhibition will explore some of the common methods and musings of poets and artists in Vancouver since 1960. Importantly, it gestures to the deep influence of the San Francisco Renaissance Poets on local writers (largely through the invitation of Ellen and Warren Tallman who hosted them in their home and at UBC). This project presents moments from this entwined history of visual and textual poets through examples of publications alongside focused presentations of artist’s work. A conversation emerges through similar modes of cut-up reference and shared formal experimentation, bounding beyond traditional metrical device to realize elegiac elaborations.

  • Feb 27 – Mar 18


    Play: “Gracie” in Regina

    Written by Joan MacLeod

    February 27 – March 17, 2019
    Globe Theatre
    Regina, Saskatchewan

    Gracie is a dramatic monologue telling the story of a girl raised in a fundamentalist community that transports child brides between polygamist communities in both Canada and the United States.

    As the play opens, Gracie is eight years old and moving with her mother, brother, and sisters from her community in the southwestern United States to a community in southeastern British Columbia, Canada. Her mother has been assigned to a new husband; she becomes his eighteenth wife. In five acts, Gracie plays herself at five ages and also gives voice to thirteen other characters, including her older sister Celeste – who becomes a wife at sixteen, a mother at seventeen – and her brother Billy, who is forced out of the community just a few years after the family arrives in Canada. Gracie is fifteen when the play ends, again with a journey as she herself leaves the community.

    More information available from Globe Theatre.

  • Mar 07 – Apr 01


    Play: "Redpatch" in Vancouver

    Between 1914 and 1918, over four thousand Indigenous men volunteered to fight and die for Canada in WWI. Redpatch tells a part of this story through the eyes of a soldier from the Nuu-chah-nulth nation of Vancouver Island. From his childhood home to the battlefields of France, follow him as he endures the horrors of the Great War in a new play that uses dance, myth, and mask to tell both a universal and a personal tale. More info here.

    March 7 to 31, 2019
    Arts Club
    Goldcorp Stage at the BMO Theatre Centre
    203 – 162 West 1st Avenue
    Vancouver, BC V5Y 0H6

  • Mar 08 – Apr 01


    Play: “King Richard and His Women” in Vancouver

    Catch a new adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Richard III. Camyar Chai ’s new adaptation for Seven Tyrants Theatre explores Richard III’s relationship with the powerful women surrounding this famous king. More info here.

    March 8–30, 2019
    at Seven Tyrants Theatre
    1019 Seymour Street
    Vancouver, BC

  • Mar 15 – Mar 23


    Play: "7 Stories" in New Westminster, BC

    In Morris Panych’s fast-paced, sophisticated and hilarious play 7 Stories, a man contemplating suicide on a seventh-storey building ledge confronts the stories of the people who live inside the building. These “seven stories” lead to a charming and surprising ending. More information here.

    March 15-22, 2019
    Directed by Thrasso Petras
    Douglas College Studio Theatre
    4140–700 Royal Avenue
    New Westminster, BC

  • Mar 19 – Mar 20


    Adeena Karasick Exhibition in Ottawa

    “Otiot” and “This Poem” exhibited at Concrete Is Porous; Act I: Visual at VERSefest: Ottawa International Poetry Festival.

    Tuesday, March 19, 2019
    Ottawa, Ontario

  • Mar 19 – Mar 21


    Play: "King Arthur's Night" in Hong Kong

    King Arthur’s Night is a musical extravaganza in which King Arthur banters with Merlin and romances Guinevere. An upside-down world … a betrayed love … an unwanted child … a revolt by the subjugated masses … a kingdom come undone. It leaves one pondering mysteries both absurd (how did the Round Table get to Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia?) and profound (what is the link between the soul and intelligence?). Among the first by a writer with Down syndrome, this play demonstrates an ability to riff and shift perspective, with disarming, hilarious, and occasionally heart-stopping results.

    King Arthur’s Night will be presented at the Hong Kong Arts Festival as part of their inaugural No Limits series. More information here.

    March 19 to 20, 2019
    Hong Kong Arts Festival
    Auditorium, Sha Tin Town Hall
    1 Yuen Wo Road
    Hong Kong

  • Mar 27 – Apr 11


    Play: “Empire of the Son” in Saskatoon

    EMPIRE OF THE SON at the Persephone theatre.

    A Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre Production
    Written and Performed by Tetsuro Shigematsu, Produced by Donna Yamamoto

    March 27 to April 10, 2019

    As father and son, Akira and Tetsuro Shigematsu shared the same profession as public radio broadcasters. Each of them reveled in communicating with millions of their listeners, but they never spoke with each other. When Akira’s health begins to falter in his old age, Tetsuro bridges the gap between them with the only object they both understand: a microphone. Through visually striking live, cinematic vignettes, Shigematsu re-enacts moments from his father’s incredible personal history, from the ashes of Hiroshima to swinging 1960s London, and paints an intimate portrait of their evolving connection and the deep-seated love for each other that they both struggle to express.

  • Apr 04 – Apr 21


    Play: “Girl in the Goldfish Bowl” in Windsor

    Morris Panych’s Girl in the Goldfish Bowl opens with Iris, a precocious girl of ten, proclaiming, “These are the last few days of my childhood.” The death of her goldfish, Amal, she is sure, has been announced by the air-raid sirens during the day’s school drill. For Iris, there remain a few more days of life in a universe that is inherently ordered, where the spirit of her departed and ritually interred goldfish can, of course, be reincarnated in a lost and amnesiac drifter given to rhetorical questions of seemingly deep philosophical import. More info here.

    April 4 to April 20, 2019
    at the KordaZone Theatre
    2520 Seminole Street
    Windsor, ON

    “An uncommon, quirky blend of humour and compassion.”
    —National Post

  • Apr 25 – May 05


    Play: “Empire of the Son” in Kamloops

    Written and Performed by Tetsuro Shigematsu
    A Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre Production

    April 25 – May 4, 2019
    Pavilion Theatre
    Kamloops, British Columbia

    A funny and poignant one-man show by former CBC broadcaster Tetsuro Shigematsu about his rocky relationship with his emotionally reserved father, Akira. From the ashes of Hiroshima to swinging 1960s London, this acclaimed play shows how Akira’s incredible personal history has influenced two generations. Through visually striking live, cinematic vignettes, Tetsuro paints an intimate portrait of the evolving connection between father and son, and the deep-seated love for one another that they both struggle to express.

    “A celebration of the extraordinary in the ordinary”—Ottawa Citizen

    More information available from Western Canada Theatre.