news | Thursday March 7, 2024

Art Miki Interview in the Bulletin

John Endo Greenaway interviewed Art Miki in the Bulletin following the release of Miki’s new memoir, Gaman – Perseverance: Japanese Canadians’ Journey to Justice.

From the interview: “Is there a moment, or moments, from your early years that shaped you in terms of how you saw the world and led you to the life or service that you have pursued?

The first time my interest was peaked was during the Centennial year when I learned so much of our past history and the injustices that my grandparents, parents and the Japanese Canadian community encountered during the Second World War. That was motivation for me to participate nationally. The other moment was during the very early stages of redress when struggle for political power within the Japanese Canadian community led to divisions and conflicts. That was when I was persuaded to take the leadership role as President of the National Association of Japanese Canadians.”

Read their full exchange here.

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