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    ISBN: 9780889223110 | Hardback

    96 pages | Pub. Date: 19920101
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A Visual History
By Bruce Macdonald

Absolutely unique in its presentational style, Vancouver: A Visual History is a delightful and important book. This stunning, full-colour historical atlas brings to life Vancouver’s first fourteen decades, beginning with a map of the 1850s depicting the land use, economy and settlement patterns of its first peoples, and ending with a map of the 1980s.

Using a repeating grid format, in which each ten-year period of the city’s history is examined through the application of the same criteria, each decade is introduced by a full-colour map that illustrates land use patterns. A column of text to the left of this map describes the major land use changes that have occurred since the previous decade; to the right of the map are notes that provide related details of the city’s evolving history. Following each double-page map, the reader is introduced to the prominent personalities of the decade, in the area of sports, politics, business, labour, culture and community service, as well as given an overview of each period’s economic focus, settlement patterns, political directions and key historical events.

Winner 1993 City of Vancouver Book Award

Short-listed 1993 BC Book Prize: BC Booksellers' Choice Award in Honour of Bill Duthie

Short-listed 1993 BC Book Prize: Roderick Haig-Brown Regional Prize

By Bruce Macdonald

Born in Vancouver in 1948, Bruce Macdonald grew up in West Vancouver and studied engineering at the University of B.C. He taught at alternative and secondary schools for several years. In order to create Vancouver: A Visual History (1992), Bruce Macdonald learned state-of-the art computer graphic and cartographic programs. The project took eight years to complete.

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