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bill bissett, who recently celebrated his seventieth birthday, remains even in his “biblical years” Canada’s most exciting, innovative pioneer in the field of the written, spoken, performed, illustrated and sculpted word. No one over the past half century comes close to what bissett has accomplished in pushing the boundaries of language beyond what was imagined in the mid-twentieth century as their furthest possible horizon, and what is most astonishing is that he is still the vanguard of that movement in the “language arts”, not just in Canada, but around the world today. As a way of introducing new readers to the non-hierarchical orthography, syntax and breath-determined metric and cadence so essential to the construction of meaning in the performance scores of his narrative poetry, Talon asked bissett to tell his readers in his own inimitable and “raging” way what his latest book is “about”:

time   is reelee abt how evreething is fleeting n how we deel with that n how deeplee we undrstand that awareness  th jewels shine as our undrstandings  th layrs n openings  apertures n iris lens in  or not n how manee narrativs reveel our paradoxikul n continualee shifting minds … a storee is what time is it … 4 ourselvs  n our specees    n how timeless th breth uv th galaxee  n oftn ourselvs  tho agen fleeting  lyrik  song chant  philosophikal  theologikul  prsonal  propheseez vizual  n tanguld tangos … with th invisibul dansrs … n th 4tune tellrs shuffuling theyr decks  how we yern 4  n letting go uv our games finding love  n th chancs 4 savin th environment n our selvs
— bill bissett

“His poetry addresses the limitless discussion of the boundaries between the personal and the political.”
National Post

By bill bissett

bill bissett’s charged readings, which never fail to amaze his audiences, incorporate sound poetry, chanting and singing, the verve of which is only matched by his prolific writing career—over seventy books of bissett’s poetry have been published. whether paying tribute to his hometown lunaria or exercising his native tongue dissent, bissett continues to dance upon the cutting edge of poetics and performance works.

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