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ISBN: 9780889226067
Pages: 144
Pub. Date: June 1 2009
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griddle talk
a yeer uv bill n carol dewing brunch
By Carol Malyon & bill bissett

For 52 weeks, bill bissett and Carol Malyon met for brunch and conversation at the Golden Griddle in Toronto.

This sustained conversational encounter between Carol Malyon, who writes within the objective bounds of standard English usage, and bill bissett, one of contemporary writing’s most exotic practitioners, working with the visual forms of language in his own non-hierarchic, phonetic orthography, produces, as if by accident, invariably astonishing social, moral and ethical critical insights. Each of these writers’ particular uses of language—the most radically different in contemporary literature—consistently foregrounds and interrogates the cultural origins of “common” perceptions that too often remain hidden and undiscovered in the dictionaries we search for “common” meaning: proof positive that each person’s perception of life’s most fundamental questions and answers is almost never shared, and is always and only ever subject to translation, even among those who “share” the same language.

Here is what they talked about:

Trouble and the Self

What is Forever

Does Belonging Exist

Luck and Life

We Need Not Hold Our Experiences Against Life

Is There a Script

The Role of Mysteries in People’s Lives


Free Will and Wider Wiring


God &/or the Loved One and Individual Freedom

Mortality and the Jigsaw Puzzle of Replicating a Parent in a Lover

Why “Shoulds” are No Good

Delusional Relationships

The Chemistry Metaphor

Censorship and Propaganda

True Love

Fact or Fiction—Where’s the Line

Do We Invent Everything We Go Through

Is Rationality a Costume

Can We Influence Larger Book Sales

Maybe We All Want to Move to Sweden

Just for Today I’m Confused About Religion

Tax Reform


Stage Fright

Carol, What Is It


Know Thyself and the Writer’s Delusions

Wondering What about the Stars and Our Friends

Childhood Versus Later On

Real Life—Does it Really Exist

All Those Prayers—Where are They Going, Exactly


Time and Relativity

Each Day We Wake Up and Realize They’ve Given Us Another Day

Everything is Answered

The Questions in Our Lives—the Balance, and What’s Peripheral

Dogs Give Unconditional Love, Why Can’t People

Life is Difficult and We are Up to the Challenge

Personal Happiness and Destiny

Federalism—Is It Too Late to Save It

The Payoff is Always Inside Ourselves

Cultural Translation

Can We Know Beforehand


Loss and Grief

Is This Real Life We’re Experiencing


Why Aren’t People in Love with Us When We’re in Love with Them

Do We Have Freedom Outside Our Imprintings—Can We Find Reciprocal Love if Our Imprintings Prevent That from Happening

“Malyon’s curiosity is bottomless: Her imagination creates and recreates. She makes us believe that with the turn of her pen she can invite us in any direction.”
Ottawa Citizen

“[bill bissett] is the shaman of Canadian poetry.”
Georgia Straight