catalogues | Friday January 19, 2024

Talonbooks 2023 Indigenous Catalogue

Download our 2023 Indigenous catalogue
Talonbooks publishes work of the highest literary merit in the genres of non-fiction, drama, poetry, and fiction, and among our world-class authors are many Indigenous people living in Canada. Over our fifty-year history, we have published core titles in the Canadian bibliography of Indigenous work, and we continue to publish and keep in print one of the leading Canadian lists of Indigenous authors.

This catalogue profiles Talonbooks titles that are written by Indigenous people, or that are about or for Indigenous people, or address Indigenous subjects – including Indigenous past and contemporary history, sociology, and ethnography.

It includes work by Drew Hayden Taylor, Annie York, Marie Clements, Natasha Kanapé Fontaine, Bev Sellars, Jordan Abel, Chris Arnett, Tomson Highway, Kevin Loring, Jónína Kirton, Joshua Whitehead, and many more.