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In Piazza San Domenico
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Friday July 29, 2011 in Books

In Piazza San Domenico

By Steve Galluccio

Starting his career in the Montreal underground theatre scene, Steve Galluccio burst into the mainstream in 2001 with Mambo Italiano, one of the most successful plays in Canadian history, and made into a hit movie in 2003. His newest stage triumph, In Piazza San Domenico, is a comedy of errors that takes place in a bustling neighbourhood of 1952 Naples.

This two-act play recounts the story of how one broken engagement ripples throughout friends and family, affecting all of their respective love lives in different ways. The young and beautifully earthy Carmelina faints in the arms of the town philanderer, Tonino, setting off a wave of malicious gossip that seems to infect everyone in town with second thoughts about their current partners—and inexplicable desires for new ones—as often as not consummated on that shadowed spot of carpet behind the statue of San Francesco in the church on the town square. Finally, as if the very gods are angry with these salacious goings-on, an earthquake hits the town, sending the characters into the piazza and keeping them there for the night with a series of ominous aftershocks. As the sun rises, misunderstandings are resolved; the truth will out; and hardened hearts yield to the eternally verdant desires for life.

In a world and a time hovering between the “traditional” values and the emancipated new thinking, Italian theatrical archetypes with their roots in Roman comedies and the Commedia dell’arte evolve into the recognizable stereotypes of mid-twentieth-century society that were to become hallmarks of the whimsical Sophia Loren/Marcello Mastroianni films of the early 1960s.

Of this play, Galluccio has said: “Humour is a powerful tool that can get us through anything … the human spirit and its sense of survival is bigger than whatever society can throw at us.”

ISBN 13: 9780889226746 | ISBN 10: 889226741
5.5 W x 8.5 H inches | 128 pages
$17.95 CAN / $17.95 US
Rights: World
Backlist | Drama | Bisac: DRA013000
Paperback Edition


“In Piazza San Domenico is a downright crowd pleaser, a comedy for the masses. As happens very rarely in Montreal theatre, this is a show that can break out of our incestuous little theatrical community past those audience members dying to point out a deus ex machina ending or a character’s lack of motivation, and fulfill the one purpose a comedy was designed for in the beginning: entertainment.”
—The Warehouse

“Three cheers for light-hearted entertainment! Billed as a romantic comedy inspired by Feydeau, Goldoni and Sophia Loren, it bears the mark of all three, with a dash of trademark Galluccio.”
—Montreal Gazette

“In Piazza San Domenico harkens to classic Shakespearian comedies.”
—The Suburban

About the Contributors

Steve Galluccio

Steve Galluccio started his career in the Montreal underground theatre scene in 1990. He burst into the mainstream with Mambo Italiano, one of the most successful plays in Canadian theatre history. Galluccio’s second feature film Surviving My Mother won the audience favourite award at the Montreal Film Festival, and was featured in many prestigious film festivals all over the world. Galluccio’s third feature, the bilingual Funkytown opened in January 2011. In Piazza San Domenico, Galluccio’s ninth play, was the number one comedy in Montreal in the fall of 2009, selling out most of its extended run.

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Steve Galluccio

In Piazza San Domenico cover
In Piazza San Domenico

Steve Galluccio

Mambo Italiano

Steve Galluccio

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