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Posted: Tuesday March 23, 2010
Steve Galluccio

Steve Galluccio started his career in the Montreal underground theatre scene in 1990. He burst into the mainstream with Mambo Italiano, one of the most successful plays in Canadian theatre history. The play was turned into a movie which became an international hit, sold in more than fifty-three countries, including the U.S. Galluccio followed Mambo with the Gemini Award-winning TV series Ciao Bella. Ciao Bella was also broadcast in Europe and the United States. Galluccio’s second feature film Surviving My Mother won the audience favourite award at the Montreal Film Festival, and was featured in many prestigious film festivals all over the world. Galluccio’s third feature, the bilingual Funkytown opened in January 2011. In Piazza San Domenico, Galluccio’s ninth play, was the number one comedy in Montreal in the fall of 2009, selling out most of its extended run. In 2012, Galluccio released Montréal à la Galluccio, a whimsical guide of his beloved hometown of Montreal.

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The St. Leonard Chronicles

“After Galluccio’s play Mambo Italiano became the most successful local English-language play from Montreal in almost half as century – and the most successful ever in the history of the Centaur Theatre – The St. Leonard Chronicles quickly became the second-most successful.”
Montreal Gazette

“Full of crowd-pleasing, hyper-local jokes – mostly about Montreal’s Italian communities, which encompass Galluccio’s biggest fans. There are gags about awful homemade wine, family vacations to Wildwood on the Jersey Shore, and rivalries between neighbourhoods such as Little Italy and Ville Émard (which here gets insulted via a French scatological pun as “Ville à Marde”).”
Globe & Mail

The St. Leonard Chronicles were like a great antipasto in a family-run restaurant in Little Italy. There was laughter and plenty of it as the young, yuppie couple in the play tries to announce that they wish to leave the enclaves of Italian life in St. Leonard and move to (gasp!) Beaconsfield … scandal for spice and finally a few tears to leaven the mix.”
– RoverArts.com


In Piazza San Domenico

“In Piazza San Domenico is a downright crowd pleaser, a comedy for the masses. As happens very rarely in Montreal theatre, this is a show that can break out of our incestuous little theatrical community past those audience members dying to point out a deus ex machina ending or a character’s lack of motivation, and fulfill the one purpose a comedy was designed for in the beginning: entertainment.”
—The Warehouse

“Three cheers for light-hearted entertainment! Billed as a romantic comedy inspired by Feydeau, Goldoni and Sophia Loren, it bears the mark of all three, with a dash of trademark Galluccio.”
—Montreal Gazette

“In Piazza San Domenico harkens to classic Shakespearian comedies.”
—The Suburban


Mambo Italiano

“Manages to combine the sentimental, the silly and the sexy”
Toronto Star

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