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    ISBN: 9780889227767 | Paperback

    448 pages | Pub. Date: 20131015
    8.5 W × 5.5 H × 1.5 D inches
    Backlist | Fiction | Bisac: FIC028010
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In Rogue Cells, Oober Mann emerges from his cryobed on high alert in New Haudenosaunee, a nation at war with the mysterious territory Nutella during a critical election year. Citizens here live in dread of celebrities who carry out terrorist actions in defence of their own fundamentalist belief systems, including Stratford-upon-Avonists, whose guerrilla conflicts stem from slight variations of Shakespearian texts; Drumhellerists, whose discovery of some dinosaur bones results in a polygamous sect; and Chaos!tologists whose divine teachings are to be found in an obscure book with questionable authorship. Mixed up in an assassination plot being investigated by ISM (Insurgent Saddo Management) and DNA-specialist cops, Mann begins to wonder about the nature of reality and even about the new woman in his life, a femme fatale known only as the Librarian.

It is the Age of Aquarium in the speculative “green” dystopia of Carbon Harbour. Omni-magnate Cornelius Quartz is overseeing the merger between Bildung Endustries and Foreign Objects, but is distracted by an imminent double wedding for himself and his daughter; by the loss of his best promoter and lover to his rival, Zirconium Bluff; and by working conditions in the rehashing core and on wind pharms for hardlucks who harvest bio-material to produce architecture, clothing, and other swag for a luxury class of hardcore gamers (they pay for “pollution fantasies” with carbon credits on extended getaways to Putridworld). Threats to these halcyon days include a new religion publicized by Minor and his daughter Diminuenda that is “Old Testament-style,” Mr. Goo’s long-awaited release of the “MeMeMe” device, an interstellar pipeline project, the proliferation of aquacukes and giant composting worms that are rapidly running out of garbage, a word virus cultivated by the last carbon-based poet, and the controversial awarding of the Ignoble Prize. Rogue Cells / Carbon Harbour resumes The Chaos! Quincunx novel series.

Short-listed 2014 ReLit Awards, novel category

“Surreal, complex, and hilarious”
Rain Taxi

By Garry Thomas Morse

Garry Thomas Morse’s poetry books include Transversals for Orpheus, Streams, After Jack, Discovery Passages (finalist for the Governor General’s Award for Poetry and the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize), Prairie Harbour, and Safety Sand. Morse’s books of fiction include his collection Death in Vancouver, and the three books in The Chaos! Quincunx series, Minor Episodes / Major Ruckus (2013 ReLit Award finalist), Rogue Cells / Carbon Harbour (2014 ReLit Award finalist), and Minor Expectations, all published by Talonbooks.

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