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Friday June 16, 2017 in Books

The Collected Earlier Poems, 1968–2008

By Daphne Marlatt Edited by Susan Holbrook

An early member of the avant-garde TISH group, which turned Canadian poetry for the first time to a focus on language, Marlatt’s career has spanned five decades and a range of formal styles and concerns. Intertidal: The Collected Earlier Poems offers Marlatt’s perceptual and Vancouver-centric work of the 1970s, her feminist writing of the 1980s, her later collaborative work, and her explorations of environment. Intertidal collects a broad selection of this poet’s groundbreaking work, including poetry from sixteen published collections and a number of previously unpublished or uncollected poems. The volume includes poems and selections from:

Frames of a Story (1968)
leaf leaf/s (1969)
What Matters: Writing, 1968–1970 (1980)
Vancouver Poems (1972)
Our Lives (1972–1975)
Steveston (1974)
“Month of Hungry Ghosts” (1979)
“A Lost Book” (1970s)
“Here & There” (1981)
How Hug a Stone (1983)
Touch to My Tongue (1984)
Salvage (1991)
“small print” (1993)
“Sea Shining Between,” “Impossible Portraiture,” “Tracing the Cut” (2002)
“Generation, generations …” (Coda to the 3rd edition of Steveston, 2001)
Between Brush Strokes (2008)

The later chapbook, Between Brush Strokes, is reproduced in full-colour facsimile. The collection includes an introduction by Susan Holbrook as well as a bibliography of the work of this West Coast, deconstructionist, lesbian, and feminist writer. Intertidal is the definitive oeuvre of Daphne Marlatt’s poetry exploring the city, feminism, and the environment.

This is the third volume in a new series of collected works published by Talonbooks. The first two are Peacock Blue: The Collected Poems of Phyllis Webb and Scree: The Collected Early Poems of Fred Wah, 1962–1991.

ISBN 13: 9781772011784 | ISBN 10:
6 W x 9 H inches | 648 pages
$49.95 CAN / $49.95 US
Rights: World
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Intertidal is the breathtaking shoreline of forty years of poetic practice. Daphne Marlatt has, more than any other Canadian poet, sustained an osmosis with poetic language that is profound in its attention to the literal and the littoral. Her perception of the adjacency of words and syllables is intense and, as the range of this collection attests, she has applied this acuity to reveal the minute and the truthful of the drift of a life, local and personal. For Marlatt, the coast is more than a line.”
—Fred Wah

“In Marlatt, there is such acuity of hush and cadence: she has a way of inhabiting sound that is space inhabiting her body, become ours, readerly – an equilibrium held on the quiet fulcrum of “listen” that is also “glisten,” a gamma complexity whether in England or Malaysia, in Steveston or on Vancouver’s Powell Street. She is a poet of crucial importance.”
—Erín Moure

“Marlatt is a singular voice in Canadian poetry. It’s a pleasure to encounter the early work and be reminded of the breadth of her journey.”
—Sina Queyras

About the Contributors

Daphne Marlatt

Daphne Marlatt was at the centre of the West Coast poetry movement of the 1960s, studying at UBC and with many of Donald Allen’s New American Poets, most notably Robert Creeley and Robert Duncan. Her writing includes prose narratives on the Strathcona neighbourhood of Vancouver and of Steveston and several poetry books. In early 2006, she was appointed to the Order of Canada in recognition of a lifetime of distinguished service to Canadian culture.

Susan Holbrook

Susan Holbrook, editor of Intertidal, is also a poet, a professor in the English department at the University of Windsor and chair of its creative writing program, and a preeminent critic of Daphne Marlatt’s work.


Daphne Marlatt
Edited by Susan Holbrook

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Daphne Marlatt

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Daphne Marlatt

Gull, The

Daphne Marlatt
Translated by Toyoshi Yoshihara

This Tremor Love Is

Daphne Marlatt

Selected Writing

Daphne Marlatt

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