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Posted: Friday June 16, 2017
Wajdi Mouawad
[Wajdi Mouawad; photo by DR]

Wajdi Mouawad; Photo © DR

Over the past twenty years, Wajdi Mouawad has risen to fame in Canada and internationally, acclaimed for the power of his writing and the originality of his vision as a theatre director. He is the author of an epic quartet for the stage, The Blood of Promises (Tideline, Scorched, Forests, Heavens), and two novels, Visage retrouvé and Anima, which garnered numerous prizes and distinctions. His work has been translated into more than twenty languages and his plays have been produced around the world, notably in England, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, Mexico, Australia and the United States. In 2016, he was named artistic director of the Théâtre
de la Colline–théâtre national in Paris.

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"Each of these animals and insects is given characterization and a particular voice as narrator, which builds a complex, multifaceted story full of terse language taking readers on a journey from Montreal to New Mexico."
World Literature Today

“Nature may be red in tooth and claw, but in Wajdi Mouawad’s outstanding novel, Anima, it’s humans who are claw-deep in red and animals who benignly observe. … On one level, the book is a classic murder mystery; on a deeper level, it echoes humanity at its most primal. The animals who tell the tale soar above all, overlaying the harsh, monochrome world of humans with glimpses of a richer world, wonderful in its variety but heartbreakingly beyond our perception. … Startling, inventive, and beautifully crafted, Anima conveys small themes as well as large ones, and does so in a beguiling framework that effectively balances the story’s underlying savagery.”
Foreword Reviews

Anima’s a novel that seeks to touch your soul. And it does: it is dramatic, intense, dark. Wajdi Mouawad explores the land of his character’s feelings, as well as his own, which is extreme and complex, just as all his literature is. Human limits, such as cruelty and violence, are some of the axis of his work, developed in a very particular and poetic style throughout all his work. A very special and intense author who has many ingredients [and could] end up becoming, [at] some point, a classic.”
Iridescence Mag

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