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Posted: Tuesday March 23, 2010
Rex Deverell

Rex Deverell was born in Toronto, raised in Orilla, rooted in the Prairies (Regina), uprooted and now lives in Toronto. He set a record for the greatest number of years as a playwright-in-residence in a Canadian theatre (Globe Theatre, Regina 1975-1990). He won a Canadian Authors Award in 1978 for his play, Boiler Room Suite (1978).

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July 2015 : Touring Vancouver Island this summer for the first time in decades, Boiler Room Suite by Rex Deverell


Boiler Room Suite

“A very engaging, entertaining and powerful evening of theatre … The play is written by Rex Deverell, who was once a Baptist minister and won the Canadian Authors Association Award for writing, and has become a Canadian classic. … One moment the play is tickling our funny bone, the next pulling our heart strings, and the next a spiritual meditation on the nature of being. We feel for these characters, we feel their joy, we laugh with them, we feel their pain, we cry with them, and when they dance we dance with them. These characters could be any of us and we empathize with their struggles to survive. There is so much to contemplate in this play and like any good work of art I am looking forward to seeing it again.”
Manitoulin Expositor

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