Nathalie Boisvert

Nathalie Boisvert’s fifteen plays include L’été des martiens, translated into both English and German and produced in Montréal, Toronto, Avignon, Brussels, Düsseldorf, and Berlin, and more recently Facelift, published by Éditions Somme toute. Her work has received three important awards: the 2006 Journées de Lyon des Auteurs de Théâtre for Vie et mort d’un village, the 2007 Prix Gratien-Gélinas for Buffet chinois, and the 2018 Prix Émile-Augier from the Académie française for Antigone au printemps, which was also a runner-up for the Governor General’s Award for Drama. She lives in Dundee, Québec, where she writes, paints, gives workshops in creative writing, and organizes residencies in writing. In addition, she teaches playwriting at the École nationale de théâtre du Canada.