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Posted: Tuesday March 23, 2010
Lise Tremblay

Born in 1957 in Saguenay, the award-winning writer Lise Tremblay is one of Quebec’s most prominent novelists. Her first novel, L’hiver de pluie, was published by XYZ Éditeur in 1990 and won the Prix Découverte du Salon du livre du Saguenay-Lac Saint-Jean and the Joseph S. Stauffer Prize. Following this promising debut, Tremblay continued to wow critics with her skillful craft, winning the Governor General’s Award for Fiction with her third novel, Mile End. The jury for the prestigious prize praised Mile End as a “forceful, highly intense novel accentuated by a temperance in the writing which shatters received ideas.” The essence of Tremblay’s literary universe is exemplified by the clear-eyed observation of its characters and the world in which they evolve; the language is precise and unsentimental, holding up a mirror to our own existence and hurling us, in spite of ourselves, towards the pits of reality.

Tremblay currently teaches literature at the Cégep du Vieux-Montréal.

LATEST Lise Tremblay NEWS

November 2013 : Judith’s Sister Shortlisted for Translation Award


Judith's Sister

Shortlisted for the Cole Foundation Prize for Translation (French to English), 2013 Quebec Writer’s Federation Awards


Mile End

Governor General’s French Fiction Award Winner, 1999


Judith's Sister

"Judith’s Sister explores the delicate passage from childhood to adolescence, that critical period in life which, whether we like it or not, often contains the seeds of the inevitable betrayals of friends, neighbourhood and social background." —Christian Desmeules, Le Devoir

"Never has Lise Tremblay’s writing been so sober, minimalist or refined. And never more real. Never has her lucid, ironic view of the world she explores from one book to the next felt more authentic." —Danielle Laurin, Le Devoir

"Of course, literature is the goal of all writers. Few achieve it without stylistic tricks and even fewer, with the economy of words and metaphor found in this novel by Lise Tremblay." —Pierre Foglia, La Presse

"An entertaining new novel from Quebec that will take many people back. The social changes at work in the late sixties are beautifully captured. This lovely little novel is a pleasure to read." —Paul Ouellet, Radio-Canada


The Hunting Ground

[Lise Tremblay presents] a fictional world in a precise lucid language of a simple, graceful fluidity. A world in which the spirit of being is laid bare
Le Devoir

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