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Posted: Tuesday December 11, 2012
Dina Del Bucchia

Dina Del Bucchia is the author of three collections of poetry, Coping with Emotions and Otters (Talonbooks, 2013), Blind Items (Insomniac Press, 2014), and Rom Com, (Talonbooks, 2015), and a colletion of short stories, Don’t Tell Me What to Do (Arsenal Pulp Press, 2017). She also hosts Can’t Lit, a podcast on Canadian literature and culture, with Zomparelli and Jen Sookfong Lee. Her short story, Under the ‘I,’  was a finalist for the Writers’ Trust RBC Bronwen Wallace Award in 2012. She is a senior editor of Poetry Is Dead magazine and is the Artistic Director of the Real Vancouver Writers’ Series. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia, where she currently is an instructor in writing comedic forms. Find out more about her at dinadelbucchia.com.

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Rom Com

Alcuin Awards for Book Design in Canada 2015, Poetry (Honourable mention)


Coping with Emotions and Otters

2014 ReLit Awards, poetry category (shortlisted)


Rom Com

“Daniel Zomparelli and Dina Del Bucchia lend coolness to a genre that’s steadfastly anything but in Rom Com. The book mines the conventions of romantic comedy, as well as the content of actual romantic comedies, with the kind of deep sympathy and sense of humour you’re only really able to pull off when you really love the thing you’re making fun of. … all in all it’s an in-depth exploration of a skin-deep genre that’s whip-smart and extremely fun to read.”
Globe and Mail

“Basically awesome. … The poems bounce between poking fun at the absurdity of rom-coms and their clichés, and shovelling ice cream scoops of sadness into their downturned mouths – sometimes all at once. … Maybe more people would like poetry if it was always this smart and fun.”
– Jonathan Ball, Winnipeg Free Press

“If your relationship with mainstream rom coms remains, like mine, love/hate, on-again/off-again, or just ‘it’s complicated,’ then Rom Com might be a great place to share a laugh and maybe some tears of disappointment in mainstream media representation. I not only felt represented in these poems, but also seen and validated. … Rom Com doesn’t shy away from being critical of mainstream romantic comedies, even as it unabashedly expresses its love for the genre.”
Daily Xtra

“An enormously smart and witty collection, playing with stereotypes and a love of bad film. And yet, are Del Bucchia and Zomparelli celebrating the genre or pulling away the curtain, and revealing its inherent shallowness? The answer, I think, is, somehow, incredibly, both.”
– rob mclennan’s blog


Coping with Emotions and Otters

“A poetic piss-take on the self-help genre.”
Malvern Books Reviews

“a delightful and poignant satire of our narcissistic and celebrity-obsessed culture. Del Bucchia has a radar for the ridiculous: our propensity to deify celebrities (even if they’re otters), our love of navel-gazing, our desire for transformation in ten easy steps. … If this book was only funny though, it would become tiresome. It isn’t. There is beautiful and moving writing in these pages.”
PRISM International

“Dina Del Bucchia aims her sassy wit at ‘jealousy,’ ‘happiness,’ ‘guilt’ and other subjective experiences—if you’re unable to admit how these wily emotions truly manifest for you, Del Bucchia is more than willing. Her poems are like hot gossip from whip-smart grapevine that you simply can’t help but overhear.”
– Amber Dawn, author of Sub Rosa and How Poetry Saved My Life

"Coping with Emotions and Otters is subversive, sly, and hilarious. In it, Dina Del Bucchia not only reveals the emotional landscapes of the beautiful-on-the-outside urbanites, but also treats us to wry and unexpectedly poignant step-by-step guides on how to properly achieve these feelings ourselves. Sharp and candid, Del Bucchia deftly holds a comic mirror to our own awkward lives in this exciting, accomplished debut.” – Marita Dachsel, author of All Things Said & Done

“Dina Del Bucchia’s debut is funny, perversely beautiful, and satirical without being judgmental. Here, all emotions are to be revelled in, from happiness (‘soft lighting, WiFi connection, rat poison’) to shame (‘catch the glimpse of uncertainty / as you mispronounce countries’). Buy, read, and clutch to your chest this comforting poetic guide for painful times.”
– Jennica Harper, author of The Octopus and Other Poems and What It Feels Like For a Girl

“Del Bucchia’s parodic machinery works at full throttle… These pieces achieve a taut balance between satiric distance & sad self-laceration. … I’m not sure what, exactly, Del Bucchia wants to do, but I’m pretty sure she sympathizes. Coping with Emotions and Otters has pushed firmly if in a roundabout way to that final line.”
Eclectic Ruckus

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