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    320 pages | Pub. Date: 15-Feb-1992
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Rational Geomancy
The Kids of the Book-Machine, The Collected Research Reports of the Toronto Research Group, 1973-1982
By Steve McCaffery

The Toronto Research Group was an eighteen-year collaboration and friendship between the late bpNichol and Steve McCaffery.

In addition to reports on translation; the book-as-machine; and the search for non-narrative prose; this collection includes an informative introduction by McCaffery; a report on performance; ‘Reading and Writing: The Toronto Research Game’; and much hitherto unpublished material. From scholasticism to pop-up books, the Book of Nature to comic strips, these frequently witty, often irreverent and methodically mischievous reports document a vital era, not only in the intellectual growth of two individuals, but in the history of critical collaboration in North America.

With a revised format, additional bibliography and profuse illustrations, this book will prove to be of inestimable value to anyone tracing the poetic archeology of the seventies in Anglophone Canada.

By Steve McCaffery

Steve McCaffery is a Canadian poet and scholar who was a professor at York University. McCaffery’s poetry attempts to break language from the logic of syntax and structure to create a purely emotional response. He has created three-dimensional structures of words and has released a number of sound and video works, often in collaboration with other poets. Two of his books of poetry, The Theory of Sediment (1991) and Seven Pages Missing (2000) have each been nominated for a Governor General’s Award.

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news | 2010-08-23
Steve McCaffery reading from Carnival @ Instal 09, Glasgow

…General’s Award and is the co-author of Rational Geomancy with bpNichol. …