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    ISBN: 9780889223783 | Paperback

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Pacific Windows
Collected Poems of Roy K. Kiyooka
By Roy K. Kiyooka
Edited by Roy Miki

Roy Kiyooka’s reputation as an artist has long been recognized. Such is not the case with his writing and poetry, even though his engagement with language as a medium of artistic consciousness had been a preoccupation all along. For Kiyooka the poet, the poetic text was not a supplement to his visual art, but a medium that he explored in the same spirit and imagination as that of his other work. His poetry reflects his life-long intellectual engagement with the aesthetics of experience and his artistry in transforming the elements of language into poetic texts striking for their care with words, syntax, and the multiform spaces of the imagination.

This publication makes evident his collective poetic achievements by bringing together all of his most important poetic works, including many that have only been available in very limited editions. Preparation of this publication had begun in the year preceding Kiyooka’s death. Editor Roy Miki and Kiyooka had planned a collaborative form for determining its design and content. With the Kiyooka Estate’s permission, Miki has continued with the editorial responsibility of seeing it through to completion. Included are editorial and bibliographic notes on each of the titles as well as an essay on Kiyooka’s life as a poet. The title, Pacific Windows, is Kiyooka’s own.

Winner 1997 Association of Asian American Studies Poetry Award

By Roy K. Kiyooka

From the late 1950s until his death, Roy Kiyooka lived his time intensely, as is evident in his innovative work and in the diversity of his concerns: as visual artist, as sculptor, as film-maker, as photographer, and of course, as a writer and poet. His works include Pacific Windows: Collected Poems of Roy K. Kiyooka and The Artist and the Moose: A Fable of Forget, a novella surrounding the mysterious death of Tom Thomson.

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Edited by Roy Miki

Roy Miki is a writer, poet, and critic. He is also professor emeritus at Simon Fraser University and is active in the Japanese Canadian redress movement.

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