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Outsider Notes
Feminist Approaches to Nation State Ideology, Writers/Readers and Publishing
By Lynette Hunter
Edited by Frank Davey

How does an “outsider” feminist read a contemporary Canadian literature that is profoundly inscribed with the contradictions of late 20th-century capitalism, nationalism and globalism, and with vigorous class, race and gender struggles for access to power and representation? What does “literature” become when its own strategies variously place history, genre, legitimacy and literariness into question?

Through readings of such diverse Canadian writers as Dionne Brand, Alice Munro, Jacqueline Dumas, Frank Davey, Claire Harris, Michael Ondaatje, Elly Danica, Robert Kroetsch, Nourbese Philip, bpNichol, Beatrice Culleton, Margaret Atwood, Rose Dorion, George Bowering, Lola Lemire Tostevin and Daphne Marlatt, Outsider Notes offers tough-minded reappraisals of canonictiy, modernism, postmodernism, marginality, and postcoloniality and opens a challenge to write and read “past the ideology of the nation state.”

By Lynette Hunter

Lynette Hunter is Distinguished Professor of the History of Rhetoric and Performance at the University of Calfornia Davis.

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Edited by Frank Davey

Born in Vancouver, Frank Davey attended the University of British Columbia where he was a co-founder of the avant-garde poetry magazine TISH. Since 1963, he has been the editor-publisher of the poetics journal Open Letter. In addition, he co-founded the world’s first on-line literary magazine, SwiftCurrent in 1984. Davey writes with a unique panache as he examines with humour and irony the ambiguous play of signs in contemporary culture, the popular stories that lie behind it, and the struggles between different identity-based groups in our globalizing society—racial, regional, gender-based, ethnic, economic—that drive this play.

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