news | Thursday October 27, 2022

“Witness Back at Me” had Landed!

We are so excited to introduce Witness Back at Me, the latest poetry collection by Weyman Chan!

Chan’s new collection interrogates fear’s flight from embodiment and one soul’s struggle to stake everything on what makes us human. Witness Back at Me parallels Chan’s childhood loss of his mother to cancer with the loss of his Two-Spirit Métis friend and mentor, writer Sharron Proulx-Turner. Kaleidoscopic and dreamy, Witness Back at Me calls on biography, myth, ecology, history, and the quotidian as it moves towards some nurturing force.

Witness Back at Me moves through spaces of death, absence, memory, and what remains in the wake of these things. From “Post-Contact Mishap”:

“Sometimes the future feels like the past.
On bad days it rains like I died & returned as
cloud storage”

Reflective and surprising in its marvellous associations, Weyman Chan concocts an intoxicating blend of the otherworldly and the blunt with his language. Copies of Witness Back at Me are available here!

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