news | Friday September 4, 2015

Webb belongs in all CanLit libraries!

Canadian Literature has just published a new issue, No. 223 (Winter 2014), “Agency & Affect,” is now available. In it there are reviews of no fewer than eight Talon books from last year!

We’ve shared news of a few of these in our news feed in recent weeks, and here’s the last (but by no means least): a review of Peacock Blue: The Collected Poems of Phyllis Webb. In the newly published review, “Fame, US, & Last Words?”, Owen Percy writes that

Webb’s poetic oeuvre displays a range and formal daring—free verse, sonnets, sestinas, haikus, concrete and sound poems, long poems, found poems, prose poems, ghazals/anti-ghazals—unmatched in Canadian letters.

Peacock Blue should long have a place in any and all CanLit libraries…

Read the full review online.

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