news | Tuesday July 12, 2022

Untimely Passages is Here!

The Talonbooks team is delighted to announce the arrival of the long-awaited Untimely Passages. This collection of essays by the late Jerry Zaslove is organized into “Dossiers”, providing a meticulous and in-depth examination of the crises of modernism that accompany the author’s reading of European literature as a world literature. Delving into the theories, works, and impact of several notable thinkers, Untimely Passages examines a lineage of thought that offers an alternative to some of the grimmest aspects of the present.

Tremendously insightful and remarkable in its breadth, Untimely Passages is born of many years of reading, writing, teaching, and learning. We couldn’t be more honoured to share this work with you.

For more information or to take home a copy today, click here.