news | Thursday August 25, 2011

Uniform Landscapes / Hybrid Dialogue

Looking for coolness in Toronto on September 7th? Be sure to catch the launch of Sachiko Murakami’s Rebuild at The Press Club.

Here is what Nicole Dufoe had to say for Open Book Toronto:

The choice of words here — moving in, tearing down — is apt given the context of the vertical transformation of Vancouver in its condo craze that inspired Rebuild. The content and context of the collection are inseparable. “Rebuild’s main concern is real estate, and its primary site of inquiry is Vancouver, where the residents are concerned with buying, selling, flipping, renting, moving up and out of the basement suite into a condo, a single detached far from the city, another basement suite — all in a city with a serious problem with affordable housing for its most vulnerable residents.”

This evening will kick off Season 4 of the Pivot Reading Series, which Murakami has been co-hosting since July of 2010.

And if you are in Vancouver on September 7th, head on down to the VPL to hear Fred Wah, Joanne Arnott, and Tanya Evanson engage the audience in mixed-root dialogue and share their literary expression in fiction, poetry, and spoken-work performance. This event is part of the Hapa-palooza Festival, a celebration for mixed-heritage artists.

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