news | Thursday July 23, 2015

Understanding tax havens with Alain Deneault and the new documentary, “The Price We Pay”

The Price We Pay is a 2015 documentary by Harold Crooks, inspired by Brigitte Alepin’s book La Crise fiscale qui vient, that blows the lid off the dirty world of corporate malfeasance by documenting the dark history and dire present-day reality of big-business tax avoidance. Multinational corporations routinely deprive governments of trillions of dollars in tax revenues – which would ultimately benefit the citizens living under these governments – by harboring profits in offshore havens. Tax havens, originally created by London bankers in the 1950s, today put over half the world’s stock of money beyond reach of public treasuries.

In the film, crusading journalists, tax justice campaigners (including Alain Deneault), and former finance and technology industry insiders speak frankly about the accelerating trends carrying the Western world to an inequitable and unsustainable future.

Learn more on The Price We Pay website, or watch the trailer here:

Organizations interested in arranging screenings of this film are encouraged to do so, and should be aware that the screening fee can be as low as $200. The appropriate contact information is available from the film’s website.

Also see CBC’s coverage, on The National, of this new documentary and the implications of its content:

More information about these issues is available from Canadians for Tax Fairness, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, or in Alain Deneault’s new book, Canada: A New Tax Haven ($29.95).

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