news | Tuesday June 5, 2012

Two Out A' Six Ain't Too Bad

B. Someday Productions’ presents the final show of its season, Suburban Motel – two plays in repertory by George F Walker.

Featuring Loretta

Lorie is beautiful, young, pregnant, and alone. What will she do to survive, and how will she get rid of these two bozos who adore her, and by the way, what does that Russian Girl want?

The End of Civilization

Meet Henry. He’s unemployed, and pissed about it. And his wife Lily, who may try the oldest profession as her new job. Now somebody’s calling in bomb threats to all the places that won’t hire Henry, and detectives come snooping. But wait, one of them knows Lily only too well…

Featuring Loretta and The End of Civilization will play the entire month of June at Walking Fish Theatre in Philadelphia.

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