news | Monday April 7, 2014

Three New Arrivals!

[image: Obese Christ, Corked, and A Matter of Gravity]

The first of Talon’s Spring 2014 poetry has arrived, as have our two novels of the season!

In Corked by Catriona Strang, the speaker responds to Proust and to the speaker’s own body, as understood in geographical and geological terms.

Hitchcock meets Chuck Palahniuk in Larry Tremblay’s”: The Obese Christ, translated by Sheila Fischman, is a psycho-sexual thriller that plunges to the roots of good and evil, demonstrating Tremblay’s powerful understanding of the human psyche and its often misguided and unrealized expressions of love and faith. (Read an excerpt here!)

A Matter of Gravity by Hélène Vachon, translated by Phyllis Aronoff and Howard Scott, is a novel about the forces that draw people together and give life meaning. Hermann, an embalmer and a doctor’s son, devotes himself to the dead because, unlike his father, he cannot cure the living. Hu, an ailing concert pianist, dwells in memories of past glory. A mysterious manuscript, possibly written by one of Hermann’s centenarian neighbours, connects one man with the other, and an afternoon at the park eventually leads the two of them back to Hu’s piano. This marks the beginning of an extraordinary relationship that will change both men’s lives.

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