news | Friday May 27, 2016

The Watershed has arrived!

Our latest arrival – and the last play of Spring 2016 – is Annabel Soutar’s docu-drama The Watershed. Possibly the thickest play we’ve ever had printed, The Watershed really gives readers something to chew on; this documentary play is food for thought, but entertaining and relatable too.

Largely constructed from original interviews conducted by the playwright, The Watershed brings to the stage a multiplicity of ideological perspectives and conflicting visions for Canada’s natural resources, and its characters speak the words of real Canadians from all across the political spectrum. The main characters are the playwright and her family, who in their travels in a Winnebago encounter all kinds of realities about the environment – and all kinds of people with differing opinions about those realities. Policy is anything but dry in The Watershed; in fact, it holds startling implications for our national identity and future.

The Watershed will be back on stage in September–October 2016 at the Tarragon Theatre (Toronto) and in November–December at the Centaur Theatre (Montreal), and the book is available now for $18.95.

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