news | Monday February 2, 2015

The Vancouver Sun recommends Phyllis Webb

Veteran Vancouver poet, George Fetherling, recommended “three books by B.C. poets that stand out in a crowded field” in his special article for the Saturday, January 30 edition of the Vancouver Sun: George Stanley’s North of California St. (selected poems), David Zieroth’s Albrecht Durer and Me, and Phyllis Webb’s collected poems, Peacock Blue. Rightly introducing Webb as “one of Canada’s most senior and most revered poets,” he writes that

Reading her work this way [as an edition of collected poems from a long span of years] is like watching the seasons change, for people who have been writing as many years as she has don’t ordinarily stand still for long. … she has remained active politically, gradually settling on a mixture of anarchism, feminism and environmentalism that is to be found only on the West Coast. … Peacock Blue is a most important book. It’s both a testament and a trophy.

Read Fetherling’s full article online.

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