news | Monday June 9, 2014

The Reviews Are In: Readers Love The World Afloat

M.A.C. Farrant’s latest collection of short fiction, The World Afloat, has garnered much attention from reviewers, many of whom have recommended it as the perfect summer read: bite-sized but ever-so-flavourful morsels. We couldn’t agree more.

The Vancouver Sun called this collection of “miniatures” “small slices of life show that perspective can change everything.” This same review also appeared in The Province and the Montreal Gazette. Adrian Chamberlain for the Victoria Times Colonist said The World Afloat is his “sole recommendation for summertime reading.” As Marjorie Doyle for the Coastal Spectator wrote, “I’ve been taken on a wild ride, with reflective stops along the way. I wasn’t scared. I trusted the driver.” In her stories, according to BC BookLook, Farrant is “playful, like Magritte,” understanding that “brevity is the soul of writ.”

Farrant participated in a miniature blog tour for Short Story Month by way of an interview published on Meta-Talon: “M.A.C. Farrant on Reading and Writing Short Fiction”.

Also find a review of Farrant’s “novel of absence,” The Strange Truth About Us, in the Spring 2014 issue of Herizons magazine (page 37).

You can read two sample “miniatures” on Meta-Talon: “Wanting Cake” and “Pause and Repeat”. The World Afloat is available from Talonbooks for $12.95.

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