news | Friday September 12, 2014

The Perils and Pleasantries of Translation

[image: The Walrus magazine, September 2014 issue]

“Finding the Words: Linda Gaboriau’s struggle to translate a hit Quebec play” by Eric Andrew-Gee is a piece recently published in The Walrus about translator Linda Gaboriau’s efforts to translate the play Christina, The Girl King by Michel Marc Bouchard from French into English. Here is a teaser from the article, which is available online in full:

Gaboriau’s work has to perform a double translation, from French to English, and from page to stage—keeping faith with the meaning of the original text, but also sounding musical in the mouths of the actors. Ideally, her Christina will give anglophones a taste of Quebec drama’s distinctive grandiloquence: its luscious verbosity, its fondness for soliloquies and ruminative asides. English-speaking troupes often flatten these attributes into a muted psychological realism—Brando reading the Bard.

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