news | Wednesday September 1, 2010

The Collected Books of Artie Gold Have Arrived!

The Collected Books of Artie Gold

Who was Artie Gold?

Endre Farkas indicates: “Along with Ken Norris, we were the original poetry editors of Vehicule Press, although he considered himself the ‘disassociate’ editor. He and I ran the Vehicule reading series in the early ’70s. He was the disassociate host and when we started the mimeographed magazine Mouse Eggs, he contributed the name, some poems and his disassociation. And though he was always disassociating, he always believed in poetry as a noble obsession and in supporting the development of a vital and hip poetry scene. 

George Bowering, Canada’s first poet laureate, who knew Artie well, wrote of him: “I knew that he was serious about poetry. He was not interested in getting famous or expressing his uniqueness or preparing himself for a job teaching creative writing. Artie never chased any kind of job very hard. What keeps coming through his poetry is his learning, his engaged reading of the avant garde. Since his first poems Gold has always shown taste.“ 

The Collected Books of Artie Gold includes his eight published books, which arrive as a startling discovery for many readers, presenting a unique and singular voice in Canadian poetry.

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