news | Thursday January 6, 2022

Big Snow, Outside and On the Page

As we have just had a big snow at Talonbooks, we thought you might like “Big Snow” from M.A.C. Farrant‘s One Good Thing: A Living Memoir.

Dear Helen,
How are you getting on in the snow? We’ve been having a few
days of “real winter,” haven’t we? I realize it’s laughable to anyone
east of Vancouver for us to be making such a big deal about it,
but it’s a rare event in our otherwise mild climate, and a little
exciting. Were you snowed in? We were – for a day.
When the roads were finally cleared, I made the trip into
Sidney for supplies – food, mainly, and candles. Traffic in Sidney
was frantic. Everyone, it seemed, was sharing the same survivalist
mentality I was.

Download the full PDF of “Big Snow” here.

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