news | Tuesday July 13, 2021

Talonbooks’ Forthcoming Titles for Fall 2021

The Talon team is very excited to announce that our Fall 2021 titles are live on the website as of today. You can go ahead and pre-order your favourite titles now!

Below is the list of our forthcoming books:

1. Untimely Passages: Dossiers from the Other Shore by Jerry Zaslove (Non-Fiction)

2. The City That Is Leaving Forever: Kashmiri Letters by Rahat Kurd and Sumayya Syed (Non-Fiction)

3. The Grand Melee by Michel Tremblay and translated by Sheila Fischman (Fiction)

4. Twists of Fate: If by Chance & Destination Paradise by Michel Tremblay and translated by Linda Gaboriau (Fiction)

5. Coast Mountain Foot by ryan fitzpatrick (Poetry)

6. Flying Red Horse by Dale Martin Smith (Poetry)

7. OЯACULE by Nicole Raziya Fong (Poetry)

8. A Future Perfect by Razielle Aigen (Poetry)

9. Inheritance: a pick-the-path experience by Daniel Arnold, Darrell Dennis, and Medina Hahn (Drama)

10. The Full Light of Day by Daniel Brooks (Drama)

Have a great book-shopping spree!

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