Posted: Monday January 29, 2018
Talon plays on stage now in Sudbury, Halifax, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Belleville, New York state, Ottawa, Richmond, and Pennsylvania state!
[King Arthur's Night and Peter Panties cover]

No fewer than seven Talon plays are on stage across Canada (and the United States) over the next month! And two of them – both by David French – are on multiple stages in different productions! Now is such a good time to catch something great at your local theatre …

January 25 through February 3, Mambo Italiano by Steve Galluccio is on stage in French at Le Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario in SUDBURY, Ontario. Details here.

January 30 through February 18, the Neptune Theatre in HALIFAX, Nova Scotia, stages Salt-Water Moon by David French. Details here.

January 31 through February 4, King Arthur’s Night, a collaboration “across cognitive distances” by Niall McNeil and Marcus Youssef, is on stage at the PuSh Festival in VANCOUVER, British Columbia! Details here.

January 25 to February 11, Salt-Water Moon runs at Prairie Theatre Exchange in WINNIPEG, Manitoba. Details here= .

February 1 through 17, Daniel MacIvor’s Marion Bridge is on stage in BELLEVILLE, Ontario. Details here.

February 1 through April 8, Jitters, a comedy by David French, will be presented by Desiderio’s Dinner Theatre at Bobby J’s Italian American Grille in CHEEKTOWAGA, New York. Details here.

February 7 through 10, The Pipeline Project, a new play by Sebastien Archibald, Kevin Loring, and Quelemia Sparrow, is onstage at the Undercurrents Festival in OTTAWA, Ontario.

February 15 through 24, Salt-Water Moon is also on stage at the Gateway Theatre in RICHMOND, British Columbia! Details here.

For one night only (February 18), Marcus Youssef’s Jabber, a powerful play about Muslim teen, is on stage in WILKES-BARRE, Pennsylvania. Details here.

January 25 through February 25, the late David French’s classic theatre comedy Jitters is on stage at the Stanley Theatre in VANCOUVER, British Columbia. Details here.

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