news | Monday March 27, 2023

“Song & Dread” has Landed!

Hot off the press! Song & Dread by Otoniya J. Okot Bitek is here and ready to win hearts and minds. Rife with the paradoxical forces of boredom and intensity, the early days of COVID-19 passed under an inescapable pall. The poems of Song & Dread seek quietude, order, refuge, and space within that shroud. They remind us of community, connectedness, and what is inherently shared.

From “pi day 43:”

“thin days
skinny days
days so light they sit on your eyelashes for a moment


& with that blink
all those stories”

Otoniya J. Okot Bitek serves as a record keeper, observing the contradictory, symbiotic relationship between the quotidian and the extraordinary in the early days of the pandemic. Pick up your copy of this wonderful collection here.

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