news | Wednesday January 5, 2022

Snowy Day Reading Recommendation

We would like to recommend The Weight of Snow by Christian Guay-Poliquin and translated by David Homel as a book perfect for all the recent snowy weather.

A badly injured man. A nationwide power failure. A village buried in snow. A desperate struggle for survival. These are the ingredients of The Weight of Snow. After surviving a major accident, the book’s protagonist is entrusted to Matthias, a taciturn old man who agrees to heal his wounds in exchange for supplies and a chance of escape. The two men become prisoners of the elements and of their own rough confrontation as the centimetres of snow accumulate relentlessly. Surrounded by a nature both hostile and sublime, their relationship oscillates between commiseration, mistrust, and mutual aid. Will they manage to hold out against external threats and intimate pitfalls?

Purchase your copy here, and stay warm!

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