news | Tuesday November 29, 2022

Slow Scrape has Arrived!

We’re so excited to announce that the reprint of Slow Scrape by Tanya Lukin Linklater has arrived at Talonbooks!

Tanya Lukin Linklater infuses this poetry collection with evocative, vibrant, and sensatory details. Scenes are set so vividly it becomes unavoidable to be drawn into them as if a participant, even as playful use of form makes us aware that there is A Poem Happening. Both techniques exist simultaneously and often within a single poem. This fusion of proximity and distance makes for the kind of deep, multi-level immersion readers won’t want to emerge from.

From “The Harvest Sturdies”:

“from a hand-me-down couch through the window, an ice-fishing
hut appears driven by a truck I can’t see, it hovers on a dirt road
to launch onto the frozen lake. this view from our 900 square-foot
home on someone else’s first nation.

surrounded by blankets hanging inside raw canvas and scraped
trees, spruce boughs on ground to insulate, she rests. a woodstove
pipe creaks towards december sun. the girls crouch on unthawed
land near a fire, she sits mantled in blankets against wintry damp.”


“practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice

a stitch a bead another stitch repeat a stitch a bead another stitch repeat a stitch a bead ano
other stitch repeat a bead a stitch another stitch repeat a stitch a bead another stitch repeat”

Slow Scrape enacts a poetics of relation and action to counter the settler colonial violences of erasure, extraction, and dispossession. Drawing on documentary poetics, concrete-based installations, event scores, and other texts, the book cites memory, Cree and Alutiiq languages, and embodiment as modes of relational being and knowing.

Pick up your copy of this unreal collection here.

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