news | Monday July 11, 2016

Running on Fumes has arrived!

Your perfect mid-summer read is now available. This road novel moves at a gripping pace, and its enigmatic narrator and elements of magic realism will intrigue and provoke discussion. (Trust us; our editors had some lively discussions during the making of this book!)

The story: The electricity inexplicably goes out nationwide, and gradually the mundanities of life shift to the rigours of survival. In this post-apocalyptic setting, an unnamed mechanic jumps into his beat-up car and drives 4,736 kilometres east to reach his dying father. As the narrator’s journey becomes one of essentials – gasoline, water bottles, and gas-station food – and as the crisis around him begins to weigh more heavily, he seeks refuge with a woman, and later, a fellow traveler he meets on the road. But these two souls seem to seek a different sort of redemption …

Order your copy today for $14.95.

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