news | Tuesday November 23, 2010

Report from the Artie Gold Launch in Montreal

by Endre Farkas
Montreal, Quebec: November 10, 2010

Artie Gold would have been happy. There was smoked meat and rye from Schwartz’s, people were reading his poems from The Collected Books of Artie Gold and it was happening at The Word book store. A trinity of passions for Artie.

The evening began with Adrian King-Edwards, owner of The Word and an old friend of Artie’s, welcoming people and reading “RW 31”.

He was followed by John McAuley, one of the Vehicule poets reading Artie’s “Qu’Ode” and “Chinese”. Other friends and admirers of Artie’s poetry also read their favourites. There were a couple of people who did not know him when he was alive but met him through his poetry and were there to toast his launch.

One person in particular was Wanda O’Connor who read Artie’s “sex at 31” and then read her Artie inspired poem “Sex at 38”

In her absence, Claudia Lapp asked fellow Vehicule poet Endre Farkas, to read a couple of the jockey poems. The readings were interspersed with Artie anecdotes, remembrances and appreciations of his poetry.

Though Artie is gone from this earthly world, he remains very much with us through his poetry and that, to rephrase a line in one of his poems, serves us right and serves us well.

(All photographs by Christian Knudsen)

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