news | Friday August 19, 2011

Poetry is Dead: Chain Letters to the City of Vancouver

We are delighted to take our first peek at the Vancouver 125 Anniversary issue of Poetry is Dead, recent recipient of the 2011 Pandora’s Collective Publishers Award.

The topic of this issue is Vancouver: Influence, where poets write about and in response to writers who have influenced their work, including the following:

There are articles by Elizabeth Bachinsky and Wayde Compton about various books by George Bowering, including My Darling Nellie Grey, Errata, Left Hook, and Burning Water.

There is an interview with Daphne Marlatt, an excerpt from her 1972 book Vancouver Poems, and a piece by Garry Thomas Morse about how her writing has influenced his own book Discovery Passages, the style of which is in turn riffed on by Christine Leclerc.

There is an article by Larissa Lai about living, thinking, and writing in social space, which discusses “influence as practice”, and her interactions with writers such as Rita Wong, Hiromi Goto, Roy Miki, and Fred Wah.

This is just the tip of the Vancouver issue, also featuring pieces by and/or about Nikki Reimer, Gillian Jerome, Leah Rae, Brad Cran, Billeh Nickerson, Kevin Spenst, Josh Neely, and more!

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