news | Monday January 6, 2014

Our TWP Plays Have Arrived!

The five plays in this unique and long-awaited collection were written by Jack Winter while he was the resident playwright at Toronto Workshop Productions.

  • Before Compiègne (1963) wildly imagines Joan of Arc’s final days.
  • The Mechanic (1964) and its experiments in form and staging offer a contemporary take on Molière and the commedia dell’arte.
  • The Death of Woyzeck (1965) dismantles, reconstructs, and rewrites Georg Büchner’s famous fragmentary original of 1837.
  • Ten Lost Years (1974) presents a highly theatricalized full-length dramatization of Barry Broadfoot’s collected interviews with Canadian survivors of the Great Depression.
  • You Can’t Get Here from There (1975) examines Canada’s complicity in the 1973 overthrow of Chilean president Salvador Allende.

About this collection, Peter McKinnon, professor of Theatre at York University, has said

“The TWP book is really special: an anthology of original works from the early days of contemporary theatre making in Toronto, gathered together in the context of the originating theatre company, and lucidly contextualized by the playwright … this is a really excellent addition to our understanding of the birth of our modern Canadian theatre.”

My TWP Plays is available from for $24.95.

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