news | Monday April 4, 2011

Nuri Does Not Exist, Triage, and Glengarry Have Arrived!

Nuri Does Not Exist

In Sadru Jetha’s first collection of beautifully crafted stories, Nuri Does Not Exist, we accompany Nuri on his quest to understand how servitude transcends slavery; fealty transcends servitude; and community transcends fealty, charming us with its cathartic vision.

In a world where the corporate iron fist clad in the velvet glove of the state has appropriated all that is authentic and authoritative in language, Triage, the first book by community advocate Cecily Nicholson, utilizes the increasingly marginalized and criminalized language of protest and resistance to present a polyvocal narrative of human communities struggling at the brutal margins of the neoliberalized state.

Composed in three sections, Glengarry is a return in writing to the landscape of rob mclennan’s youth and a headlong rush into the fractures, slippages and buried surfaces of what the text leaves undisclosed to him, resisting the linguistic lure of nostalgia and romanticism to uncover a living language with every step.

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