news | Thursday September 21, 2023

"No Town Called We" Has Landed!

A new book has landed at Talonbooks! No Town Called We by Nikki Reimer is here and ready to be your next poetry read.

No Town Called We writes through the death of elders, social panic, and the climate crisis via the lens of the multiply disabled, female-coded body approaching midlife. These poems punch through the veils of complacency and greed that shape the cultures of the petrostate. Reimer asks: How do you and I relate? How might we commune? Can we enjoy our sick prostrated time? What does it mean to occupy a land? What duty of care do we owe each other? And poet, what have you done with the moon?

Excerpt from poem “No Town Called Migraine Glaze:”

“We begin with a single-celled aura
select cravings to make us into entrepreneurs
rather than cats

Towards scotoma we come
knit one purl one looped over the cuckoo’s
nested-tuna glory
Hello, Baba Yaga? i miss we
is that you, salted anxiety?
still allergic to the antiviral fish slurry?
still working the word “superannuated” into a poem?”

Pick up your copy of No Town Called We here.

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