news | Wednesday October 21, 2015

No regrets about reading Impeccable Regret

We are immensely proud to have noted Canadian poet Judith Fitzgerald join the Talon list! Her new collection of poetry, Impeccable Regret, has arrived!

Available now for $16.95, this collection travels terrain demonstrating that, as a result of the so-called postmodern impulses driving poetic discourse, culture has replaced nature as humanity’s defining context; that, within the paradigm of the twenty-worst century, the recollection of natural environments seems anachronistic or oxymoronic. The poems in this collection respond to the questions: What happens when natural phenomena no longer provide solace and comfort? And how do we define both “self” and “other” in postmodern terms when the basis for such assessments fails on a grand scale? In the words of Arthur Miller, “all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets.”

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